Who is Joe Red?

My name is Johann Coetzee (Jnr) – I am a God-fearing man, husband, and proud father of two. I am a positive and confident person, passionate about hard work and success. I am the owner of an award-winning roofing company based in Paarl. I have learnt that everything does not always work out as planned and that going back to the drawing board is OK. I am a big family man at heart, enjoy spending time with friends and meeting new people. When life gets rough, my go to place is the ocean and bushveld. My motto is work hard, play hard.

“Joe” is my grandfather (Coetzee) – a gentle giant, very close to my heart – who taught my late father, who taught me towork with our hands. He always said, “as long as you can work with your hands,you will never go to bed hungry”.  

“Red” is my red beard I inherited from my grandfather (Emmerich) and he once told me “the German blood pumps in your veins” – of which I am very proud.

The Long Live the Legends and the 3 stars in the logo is a tribute to my late father, brother, and bestfriend – gone too soon.


What is snuff?

Snuff is a finely ground and smokeless tobacco. It is an enjoyable, cheap and totally legal alternative to smoking. It is inhaled or "snuffed" into the nasal cavity, delivering a swift hit of nicotine and a lasting menthol flavoured scent (Some with bigger flavouring has been blended with the tobacco). Traditionally, it is sniffed or inhaled lightly after a pinch of snuff is either placed onto the back surface of the hand, held pinched between thumb and index finger, or held by a specially made "snuffing" device. Tobacco can be addictive and not for sale to under 18s.

What is a Snuff Canon?

It is a nifty wooden gadget (canon) used for administering finely ground flavoured tobacco up your nose via catapult. The snuff cannon will have your nasal passages cleared in seconds and be very entertaining at the same time.

How to use a snuff canon?

Load your canon with the desired amount of snuff (remember to close the tin) – exhale away from loaded snuff – place nose flat on nose guard – await count from the canon operator – operator counts 1…you inhale on 2 and operator strikes on 3.









Freedom Weekend Market, R301, Paarl (Saturdays & Sundays)

Biltong Boer & Butcher, Parow

Cigarettes for Africa, Protea Hoogte

Blue Bottle Liquor, Protea Hoogte

Nuwe plaas padstal, R46, Malmesbury

Earth Fare Market, Tokai (Wednesdays & Sundays)